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Welcome to Animal Paradise

It has been said that in Paradise the animals and humans could talk to and understand each other.

While in Paradise, Man and Woman lived in harmony with, and were able to talk with, the creatures and plants in the garden of Eden. After being banished from Paradise mankind began to lose understanding and respect for nature and the ability to communicate with other life forms. 

Many people are yearning to reconnect with Mother Earth, the animals, nature, and all of creation. The universal language that all beings understand is called Interspecies Telepathic Communication. All beings are born with the ability to understand this language, but many humans lose this ability around the time they learn to read. 

You can discover the language of Interspecies Telepathic Communication yourself, or have an interpreter or translator, called an animal communicator, translate your animal companion's thoughts, feelings and emotions into words that you can understand. 

Announcements & Information

Janet is not offering animal communication sessions/consultations at this time but she IS offering private mentoring and coaching for animal communication and Reiki. Spaces are limited.

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  The Morning Chatter 

by Janet Dobbs

The Morning Chatter is a new addition to Animal Paradise.

Check out the Morning Chatter page for more information, by clicking the tab at the top of each webpage. The animals have so much to say and teach us.  

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 or on the photo above to watch the video 

Click Here to go to the Morning Chatter Blog Page 

 Animal Paradise in the news 

Click to read an article in the Winter 2015 edition of Animal Wellness Magazine about Animal Communication. Interviews with Penelope Smith, Janet Dobbs & Carol Schultz. 


Beginning Animal Communication Practice 
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 New Class 
 coming 2015 
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 Reiki Video 

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Animal Communication is not a substitute for good veterinarian care. Only a licensed veterinarian can legally diagnose and prescribe medicines. Each states laws vary. Please consult your veterinarian for any health care concern. 
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