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    AC Consultations

We are NOT accepting Animal Communication clients at this time

Please Contact Janet If you would like a referral:

To schedule an animal communication consultation with Janet Dobbs follow the steps below.
For more information about Janet 
Click Here
For information about animal communication Click Here
  1. Schedule your session.
  2. Fill out the Client Information Form (click here)
  3. Send a photo of your animal or animals.
  4. Pay for the session

 Consultation Fees 

Please do NOT pay before scheduling your consultation.
Email Janet:

Phone/Email Consultations   
Consultation (up to 1-hour)
Emergency Consultation (Up to 1-hour)
We are not taking emergency consultations at this time
 Follow-Up Consultations
Short Follow-up (Up to 30 mins)  $85
In-depth Follow-up (Up to 1-hour) $170
In-Person Consultations
In-Home (Up to 1-hour) (Includes $30 travel fee up to 60 minutes round trip travel time. Additional travel time $30 each additional hour billed additionally.) 
Barn/Stable (Up to 1-hour) (Includes $30 travel fee up to 60 minutes round trip. $30 per each additional round trip hour billed additionally.)

 Cancellation Policy 

If you need to reschedule or cancel your phone or in-home session, please call at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Cancellations must be made by telephone, NOT by email. (703) 648-1866
If you miss your appointment or reschedule/cancel with less that 48 hours notice, you will be responsible for the ENTIRE session fee!

 Returned Check Fee  is $30.00

Consultations can be paid by credit card using Paypal or by check, money order. In-person sessions you may choose to pay with cash, check or credit card. Please do NOT send cash through the mail.

 What Clients are Saying 

Thank you so much for all of the insight you gave us yesterday. It was truly amazing. We'll be much better at being "Moms" to our brood. - Sherry, Virginia

What a precious, magical experience, and much more. It meant the world to me and still does! - Marilyn, Virginia



Animal Communication is not a substitute for good veterinarian care. Only a licensed veterinarian can legally diagnose and prescribe medicines. Each states laws vary. Please consult your veterinarian for any health care concern. 



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