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    A Return to the Orcas

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Fall 2012

 A Return to the Orcas 
by Holli Shan

A very long time ago, I felt connected with Orcas – Killer Whales.  They came to me in dreams and I always had a place in my heart for them, yet didn't know how to continue the energy work with them at the time.  So, I felt they weren't around me as much and I worked with various other animals.

Years had gone by and I learned how to be an Animal Communicator.  In continuing my education and developing myself, I came to Penelope's Advanced II class in October of 2010.  One of the exercises we had was to choose a wrapped gift.  The instruction was to connect with the gift and place it where we felt it needed to go.  I placed mine at my heart (I felt like it had to be there).  No sooner had I placed it there then I felt this overwhelming sense of joy and love and the image of an Orca appeared once again.  They had come back to me, I thought.

Later on in the day, I was looking over the books on Penelope's bookshelf.  My eyes fell to a book called “Communicating with Orcas” by Mary J. Getten.  Since I'm a slow reader, there was no way I could read it all while I was taking Penelope's class.  When I returned home, I ordered it.  I loved the book and didn't want to put it down.  The whales were filled with such profound wisdom, and in some places, I felt as if they were talking to me.  I felt even more connected to them.

A few months later, after Penelope's class and after reading the book – I found myself in a rather difficult emotional place.  During my meditation at that time I journeyed deep within myself and saw a deep well. I could feel myself screaming while a stream of frogs came out from me (I later learned that frogs are symbols of emotional transformation).  After the frogs I looked deep into the well and an Orca appeared.  He began to speak to me.  You are not what you have been, but what you are to become”.  He continued.  You feel so connected with the animals because you were one of them. You are one of us.”  One of us???  In all of my experiences of working with animals, no one ever claimed me.  Then he had me swim with him for a while and he said “As you know, our bodies are temporary.  When they die, our spirit never leaves.”  The scenery changed from the ocean to a vast field of stars.  I felt energetically connected to everything with no boundaries, no barriers.  I did some research on “Orca Medicine”.  What I found was that Orcas help you find the song of your soul and to sing it.

Since that mediation I can feel things changing for the better.  In April of 2011, my family went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise.  The only excursion I wanted was to swim with the dolphins in Cozumel, Mexico (I had done a fair bit of research on the facility where the excursion was, to make sure there were no infractions against them about animal treatment).  In preparation for our trip I sent out a broadcast message to the dolphins in Cozumel saying “We are coming in love, honor and respect for you, to learn from you.” I always felt a sense of joy and happiness in return.  I sent that message consistently for a few months.  When we disembarked, I sat in presence of the great Mother Ocean before us and sent out love and gratitude for this experience and allowing us to travel to the different places.  When I opened my eyes I saw two dolphins surface and dive off the right side of the ship.  I looked again to make sure of what I saw.  Another dolphin surfaced and dived.  I was given a great feeling of awe (the kind that leaves you speechless, in tears and drops you to your knees).

When we docked at Cozumel, I sent out my message again.  But this time, before I could get past “We're here in..” I felt this huge surge of joyous, radiant energy and a big voice that said “WE KNOW!!”  The facility where the dolphin experience was is actually in the ocean itself (there were walkways and pens set up in the ocean – so there weren't any tanks).  We found out while we were there that this particular facility is also a dolphin rescue.

The dolphin we worked with loved her job and the trainer that worked with her – deeply loved her and it showed.  All of the trainers there love the animals they work with, and they in turn – enjoy what they do.  The one experience I didn't expect to have was to meet a manatee later on.  Once everyone had an opportunity to be with our dolphin, we were taken to another spot to meet a pair of manatees.  I didn't expect to become instantly besotted by them (much the way I was with Penelope's chickens).  They were enchanting and graceful.  As I gently lay my hand on the surface of the water, one came up and touched his lip to my palm as he exhaled.  They are such wise and gentle beings – I wish I could have stayed in the water longer with them.

I know that the Orcas have never left me, they've always been there waiting until I was ready to see them and learn from them.  Whenever things become stressful for me – my Orca guide is there to say “Just swim”. So now, I listen, I swim and I am learning the song of my soul to sing with my pod.


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