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Advanced AC Practice

The Animal Communication & Healing
Training Program

Animal Communication: 
 The Deepening: AC Case Study Practice Teleclass 

Thursday evenings: 
Beginning (TBA)   
(the 4th Thursday of the month)
Cost $125.00

 Course Description & Requirements: 

 The Basic Animal Communication Course and Animal Communication: The Deepening (Advanced I) 
(Taught by Janet Dobbs or a course with another animal communication teacher approved by Janet or those who have been working with Janet in private mentoring/coaching classes)This course is for those who are getting good validated information from animals.

If you have questions about eligibility please email Janet


Description: This teleclass is for people that have completed the Basic Animal Communication Course and Animal Communication: The Deepening (Taught by Janet Dobbs) and would like more practice and experience. During each class we will be working together with a different animal each month. Each case study you will learn different techniques and methods to help you delve deeper into sessions with animals.

Each class will be recorded so you will never miss a class. 


This course is by invitation and application only. Please see below for the application process. Click Here


The course meets once a month for 3 months. 


What might this course help you with?
  • You will begin to feel more confident in your communication and learn how to delve deeper to begin to get a clearer understanding and communication from the animal in each case.
  • You will experience several different kinds of situations with each case study which can help you to open and understand communication on a deeper level and develop deeper connections with animals.


This program includes:

  • 3 - 75 minute monthly practice teleclasses + MP3 recording
  • Private group for class participants
  • Optional private mentoring sessions with Janet (see below for details) 

What to expect from each class:
  • Before each class you will receive via email a photo of the animal that the group will be communicating with during the teleclass session.
  • Janet will lead you in meditations and exercises to quiet and center yourself before working with the animal.
  • You will be fully supported by Janet as you open to receive telepathic communication from the animal.
  • There will be sharing of communication experiences.
  • There will be time for coaching and feedback during each session. 

On the day/evening of the class meeting students will call into a teleconference line (long distance charges may apply). Don't worry if you are not able to make the live teleconference calls. You will receive an MP3 recording of the class by the following day.


Dates of conference calls:

All calls will begin promptly at 7pm (eastern daylight savings time)
Click here for world date/time converter information


Once you register you will receive information about how the call in process works. 


Private Mentoring Sessions

For participants in this class I am offering private mentoring/coaching sessions at a reduced fee. (The regular fee is $170 for one hour)

Private sessions can be helpful:
  • If you feel stuck or want private help above and beyond what you can receive during the class it can be very helpful to have a private session where you can focus just on you. 
  • To help you move though a block or go deeper with your communication.
  • To support you in your successes as well as help you with any challenging aspect you may be having when telepathically communicating.
  • in supporting you on your journey with the animals as well as your personal growth as you deepen your connection with your animal friends.
**Private Mentoring/coaching sessions must be booked at the time of course registration in order to receive the discount.

**Any private mentoring session must be completed during the time of the course andup to one month after the last class. 

 Course Fees &  Application/Registration: 


 Application information: 

  1. Send Janet an email with the following information:
  • Name of person you have studied animal communication with
  • Where you studied and when (dates/year)
  • What is your experience with animal communication and how long have you been practicing
  • What you hope to gain from this class
2. Fill out the course registration form by clicking on the link below 3. Send payment by clicking the link below. Please contact Janet if you have any questions about the course or for more information to see if this is a program is right for you.

The Deepening: AC Case Study Practice Group Teleclass 
 The Deepening: AC Case Study Teleclass $125  Click Here to
Register & Pay 

 Private Mentoring/Coaching Discount Sessions
 2 - 30 Minute Sessions $150
Email Janet
to register 
for private
 3 - 30 Minute Sessions $225
 1 - 60 Minute Sessions $150
 2 - 60 Minute Sessions  $300

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