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Advanced II: AC

The Animal Communication & Healing
Training Program

Animal Communication - Advanced II: 
 Animal Communicator Counselor Course 

10am - 6pm each day
Cost: $1,000.00
Location: TBA

Course Description: 

This 5-day course is for beginning or experienced animal communications who would like to engage in a dramatically life-enhancing, soul-evolving personal and professional experience. This is a unique course that Janet has been trained to teach by her animal communication teacher and mentor, Penelope Smith. Janet will guide you to shift deeply into your soul essence to experience the heartfelt nature of this work and your own unique part in it. The focus is on being truly present in your core self as a counselor.

Exercises and discussion will center on counseling skills, problem solving, consultation guidelines and ethics. Other topics that are covered in the course pack and highlighted during the course are: how to work with animals in-person and long distance; how to tune into people for mutual understanding and successful consultations; how to compassionately interpret and relay the communications you receive for the benefit of all concerned; educating people and helping them to solve problems and enhance their relationship with their animal companions; handling crises and difficult situations: lost animals, illness, dying, and death, animals taking on human illness or emotional problems, inter-animal conflict; the role of past lives in counseling animals; basic healing skills; application of the Code of Ethics; how to set up and run a business as an animal communicator; building clientele; working with veterinarians and other animal professionals; resource information for further growth and networking.

PREREQUISITES: The Basic AC course; Advanced I The Deepening; Animal Communication Essentials Teleclass. You will also need to read: Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit all by Penelope Smith.
A written essay describing: (1) your path in life, (2) your history with animals, (3) how you wish to use what you learn from this course, and (4) three or more specific examples of how you have already used the ability to telepathically send and receive communication with animals to assist yourself, family, friends, or others. Include the communications that you have received from animals, how you responded to them, and the tangible, practical results of your communication experiences: changes in behavior and other improvements that are evident to you and others.

(If you are not yet able to practically apply this skill, you may need to restudy books and tapes on the subject or repeat/resit the Basic and/or Advanced I course)


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