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Spring 2009

by Shari Jaeger Goodwin

It been a particularly stressful week. Normal work stress plus the added bonus of a stomped toe to make winter horse care especially enjoyable.  After tending to the eight horses, I was puttering around the barn sweeping and tidying up in my self-absorbed state when I looked up to see my horse Frescoe staring intently at me.  All the others were contentedly munching their hay and slurping in their water buckets.  

He followed my every move (which he does tend to do, but this was somehow different).  I finally put away the broom and went over to his stall thinking maybe he wanted some “hands-on” work (my uneducated version of Reiki).  I went in to his stall, took off his blanket and laid on the hands; he immediately moved off and started circling in his stall. Ok, doesn’t want the hands-on thing, maybe he wants brushing.  So, I took out his brushes, went back to the stall and started to brush – no way, swished his tail and continued circling around the stall. 

I gave up, put the brushes away and picked up his blanket. Tried to put the blanket on and he moved away and started circling again.  He also wouldn’t look at me (he ALWAYS looks at me).  Interesting. 

I leaned against the wall in defeat with his blanket in my hands and just decided to observe.  He stopped moving.  Then, without looking at me, he came directly to me and stopped about 1 foot out, relaxed completely and stood still as a statue.  Hmm, is he going to sleep?  I continued to watch as he went deeper and deeper into what I can only describe as a full meditative state.  It suddenly became clear that he wanted me to follow his lead.  So there I was, in his stall, leaning against the wall with his blanket in my hands, all the other horses quietly munching hay.  I closed my eyes and started to relax.  Then I peeked at him, still like a statue.  I breathed some more and peeked again, still statue-like.  I finally just let go and joined him.  After about 5 minutes, I suddenly started sobbing, tears streaming down my face, shoulders heaving - a full energetic meltdown (well, probably a release of the major block that I had worked up all week).  I peeked at him again, still like a statue.  I continued my histrionics for a little while longer hoping and praying that none of the boarders would suddenly arrive.  Suddenly, it was over.  I felt great, I peeked again.  He moved away from me (again didn’t look at me) and began to eat his hay and make nasty face to the neighboring horses.  He was done with me, I was good to go.  Amazing.  We’ve been through a lot together since he was born (he’s 9 now) and I am so honored to share my life with such a wonderful spirit.    

Shari Jeager Goodwin
Author/business coach/strategist

Shari is an environmental scientist and owns Cobbler Corner Farm, a training and boarding barn in Marshall, VA. She is the owner of Jaeger2 where she specializes in business coaching/leadership training (often taught by way of the horses!) and helps with business development and strategic planning. Animals are her most valued teachers. 

Shari is the author of the book "Take the Reins! 7 Steps to Inspired Leadership."

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