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Spring 2009

 An Angel Named Latishia 
by Greta Procious

One day back in 2005, I was called from a frantic friend in Kentucky that her cat turned up missing in the middle of the night while she was away and had a caretaker looking after her animals that night.  Latishia the cat just left the house while the other cats stayed behind. 


After the call I reluctantly settled down to do a communication to help my friend.  I always get nervous before a communication and especially for a lost animal.  Around this same time my friend called another person to help as well. This person got that the Cat was tired of a male/ possible boyfriend in the house and needed to leave.  My friend said that there was no male /boyfriend in her house. So when I connected with the cat I felt that she needed a vacation and that the energy in the living room was very heavy and dark. So I thought that it could be the angry male energy in spirit.  


I felt the cat was not far away but somewhere south of her home possibly in an ababndoned house or basement?  I also got the number three - three times, and felt that maybe Latishia the cat will be back in 3 days or 3 weeks, but that she was not lost but needed time to herself and a "vacation"   


During this time my friend called a Psychic healer to see what was going on in her house.  It turned out there was an angry male in her livingroom and a Mother and Child in her spare bedroom?  So they did a ceremony to release the spirits from her home. 


My friend told me once that before this situation, she would burn sage in her house to help cleanse her home.  I replied that I am not an expert on this but I was told that Sage will attract spirits and Frankincense will send them away?  She said OH NO wonder the sage didn't work for me?  I thought I was getting the house cleared and instead I was attracting them?


Three days went by and My friend saw her cat, I believe to the south of her house around 3 am when the cat first left but did not go to retrieve her because she was on "Vacation" and respected that.  I personally always get nervous that I am wrong but held to it and let the other calmer side of me be my guide.  But when 3 weeks went by I got doubtful when the Cat did not come home.  My friend would put out food for her cat but still no cat.  During this time I felt Latishia was on more than a "vacation" but a spiritual deepening and she was fine. But it was not my place to know what she was doing.


Then the day came that I got an exuberant call from my friend that Latishia came home!  She told me that she felt the cat did not want to be called Latishia anymore but "Angel!"  That she felt like more of a light being than the cat she knew and the day she came home happened to be 30 days to the hour that she left! 


During this month I felt a lot of doubt of whether or not I had a good connection but by the end of the story I realized that I was connected to "Angel" on many different levels.  And it helped me release my own walls and heal myself as well.  The healings are never-ending, self doubt always seems to creep back in, but when stories like this happen one can only stop and think that we are all connected if we just allow ourselves to feel it and to simply "be!"  Then smile.

About the author: Greta Procious 

Greta lives with her many animal companions in Victor, Idaho on the beautiful western side of the Grand Tetons. Greta has a very deep and unique connection with all animals as well as the land. She is an artist and has a business chinking houses. (Chink is the material that is placed between the logs in log homes.) You can find Greta on Face Book.

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