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About the Painting

This painting is of many of the animals that have been in Janet's life. They have forever changed her and walk hand in hand with her on her path of life.

The animals from left to right:

Uncle Bun was always with Janet everywhere she went in the 70's. He was huge, about the size of the cat, Sammy, next to him in the painting. He had many adventures with Janet from being on stage during an Easter Sunrise coral service on a university campus, to flying often to visit his "grandparents", to riding in a blue MG to the beaches of North Carolina and up to New York. 
Tons of Fun With Uncle Bun!

was the only dog that Janet had when she was growing up. They met when Janet was in kindergarten and was with her until she graduated from high school. Trixie was her very best friend.

Sammy is Janet's heart and soul. He was her first kitten and made his transition on December 29, 2007. He has a love of life that was greater than any being that Janet has known. He was and still is her best friend and great teacher.

Cleo was the first kitty that Janet ever lived with. Cleo came with her husband and was in her life for 11 years. Cleo continues to work with Janet at all times, keeping her grounded and on track. Cleo is the reason for everything that Janet does now. Right after Cleo transitioned in Feb. 1994, she started Janet on her "mission". Cleo calls animal communication, "The Underground Peace Movement". She says that if every human would listen to the animals we would live in a totally different world. One human at a time, the animals will 'get' us and capture our hearts. The mission that Cleo has Janet on right now is to teach everyone that they too have the ability to communicate with the animals as well as the ability to work with healing energy.

Katy was Sam's buddy. They came to live with Janet and her husband in the spring of 1994. Katy transitioned to spirit in March 2012. She was 19 years old. As with most tortie cats she had "cat-a-tude". 

Nathan is one amazing horse as well as teacher. He lived at TREES (Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary) in Spotsylvania, VA. Janet met him in June of 2009. He immediately became a great teacher of hers. He galloped over the Rainbow Bridge on of all days, December 21, 2012, the winter solstice and the last day of the Mayan Calendar. The perfect day for a soul like him. You can read more about him and see wonderful photos in the Winter 2010 edition of the Animal Paradise Newsletter as well as on the TREES Blog.

Animal Paradise
by Karen Derrico

Copyright 2010 - Janet Dobbs
This painting can not be used in any form without written permission from Janet Dobbs.

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