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    Private Mentoring

Janet is happy to be able to offer private mentoring and coaching sessions. This time is for what ever you might like to focus on from animal communication to Reiki with animals. It does not matter what level you are, from beginner to advanced practitioner, Janet can help you go deeper with whatever you might like to focus on.

Topics might include:

  • Meditation for you and your animal companion to help you go deeper with your connection and communication
  • Blocks you may be having in communications and how to move past them.
  • Cases that you are having difficulty with.
  • Going deeper with your own spiritual development.
  • Developing your Reiki spiritual practice and including animals.
  • Help with your animal communication and/or animal Reiki business.
  • Private mentoring for all levels of Reiki.
These are a few topic but not the only topics that you might like to have private help and support with to deepen your connection and work with the animals and all that is. 

All sessions are via phone or Skype. You will receive information and instructions once you schedule your first session.

 Private Mentoring/Coaching Fees 

Please do NOT pay before scheduling your session.

Email Janet
to schedule session/s 
There are a limited number of sessions available.

Private Mentoring/Coaching Fees  
 30 Minute Session $85
 60 Minute Session              $170     

 Private Mentoring/Coaching Packages 
 3 - Thirty Minute Sessions
 6 - Thirty Minute Sessions
 3 - Sixty Minute Sessions
 6 - Sixty Minute Sessions
 8 - Sixty Minute Sessions

 Cancellation Policy 

If you need to reschedule or cancel your private mentoring session, please call at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Cancellations must be made by telephone, NOT by email. (703) 648-1866
If you miss your appointment or reschedule/cancel with less that 48 hours notice, you will be responsible for the ENTIRE session fee!

 Returned Check Fee  is $30.00

Consultations can be paid by credit card using Paypal or by check, money order. 
Please do NOT send cash through the mail.



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