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Reiki III - Shinpiden

The Animal Communication & Healing
Training Program

Reiki III (Shinpiden) & Animal Reiki: 
 Mystery Teachings 

Date - TBA 

10am - 5pm
Course Fee: $1,000
Location: TBA

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 Course Description: 

This class is for people that have completed Reiki II (Okuden) & The Animal Reiki Essentials Teleclass. (Taught by Janet Dobbs or an approved Reiki teacher)

Day 1    Shinpiden means Mystery Teachings. The mystery is found within ourselves. Students will go deeper with their self practice. Students will receive the Shinpiden attunement.

Day 2    Students will learn to offer attunements/Reiju (Spiritual Blessing) and continue learning various meditations and exercises, that will build on the energy level created each day.

Day 3    This class will focus on working with various animal species as well as companion animals, wild animals and all that is. Students will experience various sessions with animals. Upon completion of the class, students will be certified Reiki III teacher/practitioners.

Recommended reading: The Reiki Sourcebook by Bronwen & Frans Stiene


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