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Reiki I - Shoden

The Animal Communication & Healing
Training Program

Reiki I (Shoden) & Animal Reiki: 
 Beginning Teachings 

Date - TBA
10am - 5pm both days
Cost: $300.00 
Location: TBA

Course Description:  This Reiki Level I class is for animal people who want to deepen their relationship with animals and learn ways to heal and support the animals in their lives as well as themselves. This class will give you an overview of Reiki and you will learn the differences and similarities between Reiki for humans and Reiki for animals. (Reiki is Reiki. The difference is the approach used when working with animals.)

Through lecture, enlightening discussion, exercises and practice, Janet will lead you through the basic steps. Students will experience Reiki energy and learn different ways that Reiki can be used as a healing tool for both human and animals. Upon completion of the two-day course you will be able to do a Reiki self treatment, hands on healing for friends and family and be able to offer Reiki to your own animal companions, other animals and even wild animals.

Day 1    Participants will learn the history of Reiki and what Reiki is. You will learn what energy feels like and how it flows. You will learn how your own energy feels and how your partner's energy feels. Meditations and exercises will be learned to increase the energy within yourself before giving a treatment. You will receive two level one attunements (Reiju), learn how to do a Reiki self-treatment and practice giving and receiving a full Reiki treatment (to a human).

Day 2    Students will continue to build the healing Reiki energy, building upon what was learned in day one. You will receive two more Reiki attunements (Reiju). We will learn the differences when offering Reiki to an animal and when working with humans. There will be practice offering Reiki to animals one on one and as a group. Students receive a manual and upon completion will receive the Reiki level one practitioner certificate.

 Suggested Reading:
Your Reiki Treatment by Frans and Bronwen Stiene

 Reiki I: Shoden The Beginning Teachings
 Reiki I - Shoden  $300  Click here to register & pay 


Reiki I workshop at Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary
(photo courtesy of Chris Smith - Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary)

Animal Reiki always begins by first asking the animal if they would like some Reiki now and asking them if this is a good time. It is important to allow the animal to control the treatment. This photo shows a level one Reiki class offering Reiki to some horses at TREES. One of the horses in the walk-in had just arrived at the sanctuary and really didn't understand why humans were "just standing" in the pasture.

The horses began to come out to see what we were doing and were the energy was coming from. They had been taking it while they were in their walk-in shelter, but came out for more.

As students continued to stay in place offering Reiki, the horses went from one to another and another, taking what they wanted or needed. It is always a very magical experience.


 What Students Saying 

Two days of what was supposed to be instruction was a spiritual awakening that I need desperately, and if I can get myself in the right place, then I can help others. - Kim, Maryland


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