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    Rudy's Will to Live

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Summer 2010

 Rudy's Will to Live 
by Janet Shettle

Rudy is a 14yr old warm blood, gelding. He is not part of the horse rescue where I work and volunteer but is the companion to the barn manager. In 2008 Rudy was kicked in his left hock which resulted in a very bad infection. The vet was called and Rudy was treated with antibiotics, receiving injections directly into the hock. Rudy would seem to start to improve but then falter. The barn manager was told that this was a life threatening injury, and that even if Rudy survived, he might be lame. 

I was new to the barn but when I became aware of the situation I asked if I could offer Rudy Reiki. The manager was open to the idea. I got a few sessions in before a snow storm kept me away for about a week. When I returned, Rudy was in such a bad state, the vet said that if he didn't improve with in a few days, it might be time put him down. I was very worried about Rudy's physical state but more concerned about his emotional state. Everyone kept saying it might be time to put Rudy down. I sensed that he was giving up.

I now had four consecutive days free to work with Rudy. I offered him Reiki, which he loved, and now incorporated flower essence and encouragement through communication. The flower essences that I offered were pre mixed.......I used one for anxiety, immune support, recovery and animal emergency. He accepted with ease. Following my intuition, I also used the mixture on my hands when offering Reiki. 

Over the next four days I started telling Rudy that his recovery was up to him. Reminding him that he had the ability to heal himself. I was there to offer support and that no matter what he heard, his recovery was up to him. If that's what he wanted. It was very difficult for me to let go of my expectations of "healing Rudy". It was NOT up to me. I was reminded of this while speaking to one of my teachers. We started to see improvement in Rudy's condition but the vet warned us that Rudy was not out of the woods. He might continue to improve but then falter again and if so, it might be best to put him down. I sensed that Rudy was determined to prove them wrong and he did. We continued Reiki and flower essence over the next couple of weeks. 

Rudy has made a full recovery and is enjoying life. We learned a lot from each other through this ordeal and have developed a special bond.

A few weeks after Rudy was finally turned out with the herd, it was time to add a young, “full of himself”, gelding to the herd. The barn manager was worried that Will Star would receive rough treatment by a few of the older horses. So, I asked Rudy to take Will Star under his wing and protect him. When I returned to the farm the following week, I asked, "how's Will Star"? Forgetting my request of Rudy, the barn manager said, "you should see Rudy, he's really protecting Will. He won't allow anyone to get near him!" OMGosh! What an amazing guy! Now, two more young geldings have joined the herd and Rudy takes great care of them all. He is teaching them all how to be good men.

Rudy was the first horse I worked with and he has taught me so much. We too are animals and have the ability to heal ourselves. We’ve just forgotten our connection with nature and the universe. 

Rudy received great veterinarian care during his illness and would not have survived without it. I believe the therapies I offered were just as important to his recovery but not more. We all offered him support and Rudy chose to live.

I have studied Animal Reiki and Communication with Janet Dobbs and am so grateful for her teachings!
Janet Shettle

Reiki Master Practitioner

Janet began her Reiki practice in 2008 when she completed Reiki I and later that year Reiki II. Along with a group of volunteers, Janet started offering Reiki at Upper Chesapeake Hospital’s Cancer LifeNet Center. The program became so popular and successful; it was awarded a grant from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Wanting to continue studying Reiki and deepen her understanding and practice, Janet completed the Master Level, Reiki III in early 2009.

As a dedicated animal lover, Janet studied Animal Reiki and communication with Reiki Master Janet Dobbs, a pioneer in that field.

Wanting to deepen her understanding and connection to Reiki, Janet studied with Frans Stiene. Frans and his wife Bronwen are authors of the internationally acclaimed “The Reiki Source Book” and founders of the International House of Reiki. The Stiene’s are dedicated to the original Japanese form of Reiki. A spiritual, healing practice. 

Janet lives in Monkton, Maryland, an area rich in horse traditions. Animal Reiki is now a significant part of Janet’s practice, specializing in Equine Reiki. 

Janet Shettle

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