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    What is a Reiki Session

 Human Reiki session description  

Treatments are done fully clothed usually on a Reiki table, but an armless, straight-backed chair may also be used. The normal time for a full treatment is 60 minutes. Reiki treatments involve the placing of the practitioner's hands on (or just off) the recipient's body in a series of positions designed to facilitate and encourage relaxation and the flow of healing energy. The treatment should be done in a quiet environment with no distractions.

A one-hour treatment can be helpful for a specific issue or for general relaxation. The number of treatments and frequency is tailored to the individual client's needs and condition.

For more information about a Reiki session please read: Your Reiki Treatment by Bronwen & Frans Stiene

 Animal Reiki session description  

Reiki is ideal for animals.

Reiki treatments for animals last from 10 minutes to one hour depending on the animal and their needs. The average session is 30 minutes. If there is a chronic issue it is recommended to begin with a series of 4 to 5 treatments.

An animal Reiki session/treatment is different from a human session/treatment. The animal does not get on a table or chair for their treatment. A table may remind the animal of a veterinarians office. The goal of a Reiki treatment is to help the animal relax so they can heal.

After talking to the animal's person to learn what issues are to be addressed in the session/treatment, the practitioner relaxes, gets quiet and offers Reiki to the animal. In the beginning Reiki is done without touching the animal directly, allowing the animal to sense the Reiki energy and to become comfortable with the practitioner. The animal is ALWAYS in control of the session and not the practitioner. The animal is allowed to move around freely as the practitioner offers the energy. The animal may move close to the practitioner, putting a body part in the practitioners hands, giving the practitioner permission to touch them. 

The animal will begin to show signs of accepting the Reiki by relaxing, sitting down, laying down, yawning, licking and chewing in the case of horses, zoning out and sleeping. Animals might need to get up and walk around during the session, getting a drink of water or just needing to move away from the energy. The practitioner will stay in place allowing the animal to come back for more if they choose. When the alloted time is up the session will be ended by the practitioner. The practitioner always thanks the animal. Many times, animals take the Reiki energy much faster than humans, but each animal and each session is different.

 Distant Reiki session description  

Distant Reiki is very effective, just as an in-person, hands on healing session is. Many animals prefer distant treatments to hands on healing treatments. Reiki can be received across a room, across a pasture, in a different city, state and even country.

Janet offers distant Reiki treatments for humans and/or animals. With our very busy schedules, it can be difficult to schedule an in-person Reiki session. A distant Reiki session has many advantages; you can receive the session anywhere you or your animal friend is. Some people like to alternate in-person treatments with distant treatments while other people prefer to only schedule a distant Reiki treatment. 

In the case of an emergency situation a distant Reiki treatment can usually be scheduled that day or within 24 hours, while that may not be the case for an in-person treatment. Janet often offers distant Reiki sessions between in-person Reiki sessions when additional support is called for or needed.

This little Hedge Hog loved Reiki

Distant Reiki is perfect for very small animals, animals that are afraid of humans, animals that are close to death, as well as older and very fragile animals. Reiki at a distance might be better suited for these animals, allowing them to relax and take the Reiki energy better.

Olga offers Reiki to an ill kitten during a Reiki I workshop

The benefits of distant Reiki are the same as in-person or hands on Reiki, working on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of healing.

At the scheduled time of the distant treatment session, Janet connects with the animal and/or human in a relaxed and meditative state, inviting you and/or your animal to join in a very safe and peaceful space according to their own individual level of comfort. Janet always asks the animals' permission and asks the animal and/or person to be open to receive what ever it might be that they need in this moment in time for their highest good. Janet never forces an animal to take part in a healing session but allows them to set the tone for the session so they can take charge of their own healing process. 

One of the best results of a Reiki session is the fact that animals will totally relax. When any being relaxes healing can take place. When we are relaxed we let go of stress in our bodies allowing self-healing to take place. A Reiki treatment is wonderful for any healthy animal or human as it can feel like going to a spa. Distant Rei
ki can also be helpful during and right after surgery when non-medical humans are not allowed near the animal; it can bring relief to an injury or other pain, help heal emotional issues, help speed healing of an illness, help prevent illness, ease the transition to death, and so much more.

After a distant treatment results can be instantaneous, but usually take about one or two days. Each case is different. Some chronic conditions may require regular treatments for the healing process to complete. You will usually see some sign of improvement, many times dramatic, right away while others will take many session.

During a distant Reiki session, Janet requires that the human and/or animal be able to have time to be quiet and relax with no disturbances. This is a very special time just for you and/or your animal friend. 

All animals (and humans) benefit greatly from a regularly scheduled Reiki program. Janet always suggests to her clients to learn Reiki for themselves and their animal companions. That way you can offer your animal companion Reiki 24/7.

Janet recommends that you read the book The Animal Reiki Handbook by Kathleen Prasad for detailed information about how an animal Reiki session works.

To schedule a distant Reiki session for you and/or your animal companion click here


Animal Communication and/or Reiki is not a substitute for good veterinarian care. Only a licensed veterinarian can legally diagnose and prescribe medicines. Each states laws vary. Please consult your veterinarian for any health care concern. 

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