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 Animal Paradise - Communication & Healing  Course/Workshop Schedule 



  Course & Event Schedule 

Monthly Group Teleclass: Animal Talk

This course is open to all students that have completed the Basic Animal Communication Course and beyond.

TREE Meditation      New Course!!!
Date: NOW!
Cost: FREE!!!

 Courses & Events 2016 

Janet is working on new classes that will be coming in 2016. Please subscribe to the Animal Paradise Newsletter for the latest information and notices. Please feel free to email Janet: 

New Course 
Date: TBA       
3 - weeks

Animal Communication: Introduction to Animals in Spirit (NEW COURSE)
Time: TBA
Date: September 10, 2016
Location: CSE

Animal Communication: The Basic Course
Date: TBA (Saturday & Sunday)
Location: Veterinary Holistic Center

Animal Communication: Monthly Beginning/Intermediate Practice Teleclass
7pm - 8:15pm
3 - Thursdays  
Date: TBA
Cost: $99

Animal Communication: The Deepening-Case Studies by Teleclass
 New Course 
7pm - 8:30pm

4 - Thursdays 
Date: (Coming Fall 2016)



 What students are saying 

I think about the Reiki weekend all the time. I still hold close all I learned and experienced that profound weekend. It is with out a doubt one of the best times of my whole life. - Kim, Maryland

“Nervous and totally unsure what to expect, I signed up and attended Janet’s Basic Animal Communication class.  Much to my delight, Janet was incredibly warm and insightful and guided us toward exploring our innate telepathic abilities through fun and creative activities.  From her kind and patient instruction, I was actually able to communicate with animals in that first session!  I was so inspired that I signed up for her Advanced Animal Communication class and learned how to deepen my connection - how awesome!  Janet has opened a new world for me and I’m so grateful for her teachings.  I highly recommend her workshops for anyone looking to strengthen their bond to the natural world, she’s just great!” – Shari J. G., business owner, Virginia

It was amazing to be with a group that had similar goals, no pre-judging and great energy. The class opened my eyes to many things that were there all the time and you helped me see them. The class was great, I just wish I had more time with to talk to the animals (wasn’t that a line from Dr. Doolittle). - Robert M., Virginia  

"Janet is a clear, gentle and powerful instructor. Through expert guidance, she creates an atmosphere of relaxation and healing energy that allows the students to become open enough to discover their own unique intuitive abilities. Not only did we learn about animal communication, but class itself was transformational on many levels. The materials provided are well-written and give structure to the experiential nature of the workshop, adding insight and clarity. I would definitely take another class from Janet and would recommend her highly. Her integrity and knowledge are expressed in an environment conducive to growth and understanding." - Elizabeth S, Virginia

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